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Sutharman Kanagarajah

Sutharman Kanagarajah

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    The tax landscape for companies operating in the financial services sector is increasingly complex and fast moving.

    The consistent pressure on the UK government to tighten legislation means a constantly changing environment. Staying on top of these changes, and how they affect your business can be a time consuming and technically difficult task.

    Our experienced team are well versed in tax legislation and ensuring that the appropriate elections, reliefs and tax deductions are made to help grow your business.  We have established a reputation for our combination of technical knowledge and business skills, enhanced by the depth of experience across Centralis in areas such as regulation and accounting which can have a direct impact on tax planning and vice versa.

    The UK tax system continues to not only be complicated but also evolve at pace as the Government responds to pressure to achieve short term results by updating the law and closing gaps in the legislation. The nature of the tax system makes it increasingly difficult for individuals to meet their obligations in an efficient way. This is especially true for those with diversified income streams and non-UK resident or domicile status. Our experienced team of private client tax advisors understand the issues faced by individuals in navigating UK tax laws and are specialists in the investment sector. Our objective is to create a tax structure for our client that is appropriate for them as an individual, their business and their investors.


    Our Services

    • Annual tax compliance (including tax return submission)
    • Assisting clients on becoming an LLP member
    • Compliance & advisory service for trusts
    • Expert advice for non-domiciled clients
    • HMRC liaison & support
    • Inheritance tax planning
    • Pre-UK arrival tax planning
    • Arrange for preparation of corporate tax returns and tax balances
    • Maintain relevant contacts with local tax authorities
    • Coordinate with external tax advisors, as needed
    • Prepare VAT returns and maintain VAT records
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