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Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers

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    Pillar III disclosure is an important regulatory framework implemented by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) to promote transparency and market discipline in the banking industry. It requires banks to disclose their risk management practices, capital adequacy, and other key financial information to the public on a regular basis. The framework is designed to enhance the quality and consistency of information available to market participants, thereby enabling them to make informed investment decisions and monitor the soundness of the banking system. Pillar III disclosure plays a crucial role in promoting stability and confidence in the financial system by increasing transparency and accountability of banks.

    Many firms are increasingly required to make public disclosures.

    Expert drafting of regulatory disclosures & hosting at

    We provide a dependable, responsive and cost-effective solution with – allowing you to host your disclosures on risk and capital adequacy, remuneration code, stewardship code and sustainable finance, meaning you need not maintain such disclosures in other locations such as your own website or statutory accounts.

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