What we do

Business Support

Centralis can provide a range of in-house business support services tailored to meet your specific resource requirements with an ability to quickly scale up or down as needed. There are a number of reasons why companies may take advantage of the experience and skills set available within Centralis. Companies today often face pressures around having adequate resources to manage situations such as peak periods of activity, specific projects, employees on maternity leave, long term sickness, departure during business growth, or downsizing a business which still requires certain support. These challenges are often unforeseen and can leave immediate critical resource issues within an organisation.

As part of our solution, we can provide dedicated/part-time employees to fill gaps in the areas of management, accounting, treasury, tax & compliance reporting, payroll, corporate secretarial, etc. We can also provide office space for short/medium-term periods tailored to meet your needs.

If you believe that your company could benefit from the assistance of Centralis, get in touch. You may be surprised by what we can do for you!