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Centralis Hungary Kft

Váci út 1-3 |

“A” Tower, 6th Floor | 1062 Budapest 
T. +36 1 882 7800  |   F. +36 1 882 7801


Centralis Hungary Ltd. is located in Hungary’s capital, Budapest. Today a republic, Hungary joined the European Union in 2004 and plans are underway for the adoption of the Euro. Hungary is truly at the centre of Europe, bordered by Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.


Hungary boasts a young, well-educated and dynamic workforce. Its fast-growing and robust market economy and the continuing success of privatisation, is attracting international strategic investors who bring know-how, technology and best international practice. Hungary is increasingly being used as a location for international holding companies, including the holding of intellectual property assets for many well-known multinationals. Such corporations have recently established worldwide shared services' centres in Hungary.


In addition to all our usual services, Centralis Hungary Ltd. also offers:

  • Assistance and obligatory filings (non-legal), including company secretarial liaison
  • Updating of accounts and files
  • Error correction and reconciliation
  • Compliance
  • Minimising penalty risk
  • Fast, efficient book-keeping service
  • Provision of a registered address
  • Acceptance and forwarding of mail
  • Provision of a PO box
  • Provision of a dedicated fax and telephone line
  • Call forwarding
  • Meeting rooms and office space with high-speed internet acccess

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