Centralis (Barbados) Ltd

Jamar Arthur-Selman 1

Jamar Arthur-Selman, Acc. Dir.

General Manager

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Centralis (Barbados) Ltd

2nd Floor | Hastings Business Centre 

Hastings l Christ Church

BB15154 l Barbados

T. +1 (246) 231 1257



Barbados offers an attractive jurisdiction from which to conduct international business. With its well regulated environment and long history of political and economic stability, Barbados is one of today's leading global financial services centres.


  • Extensive list of tax treaties and investment agreements with major countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia
  • Strong government support of the international business community
  • Modern legislation and effective regulation to encourage legitimate international business
  • Anti-money laundering legislation
  • Simplified statutory filing and accounting
  • A hub for international treaty-based financial services activity due to its numerous double taxation treaties .

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