Leading Software

Market-leading technology is fundamental to Centralis' service offering.

At Centralis, we manage clients’ accounting and reporting requirements either through their current accounting software, or through a general ledger feed of all of the accounting entries or SAP journal uploads, as required.

Our experienced professionals have a wealth of experience with several different software including, but not limited to, the following:


eFront is a leading provider of technically-advanced software solutions dedicated to the financial industry. FrontInvest - one of eFront's innovative product suites - provides a secure solution for complex debt and other fund administration activities. Sophisticated, yet simple to use, FrontInvest is based on Microsoft technologies and offers a comprehensive range of bespoke reporting and calculation capabilities.


FrontLoan is fully integrated into FrontInvest and is an invaluable loan management tool. With FrontLoan, Centralis can manage and administer loans, bonds and complex schedules, track payment history, calculate late payment interest and manage accruals. 

Sage BOB50

Sage BOB 50 is a local accounting software developed by the world leader in accounting for small and medium-sized businesses. With a vast array of functionalities, Sage BOB50 can be tailored to provide monthly accounts in local GAAP, manage VAT, keep track of invoices and optimise planning and submission of annual accounts.


Coprocess is unique in the corporate treasury and accounting sector as it provides a fully functional, flexible, web-based intercompany netting system, with invoice level transaction handling, discussion and agreement, matching, receivable or payable driven netting and much more. With over 20 years’ experience in this area and with over 100 corporations running their software, Coprocess is constantly adapting and improving its offering based on customer feedback and their intercompany netting expertise.


An advanced web-based modular treasury management system for recording cash pool bank transactions, preparing forecasts and managing inter-company and external loan books. Flexible, efficient and reliable, GTreasury is the only treasury platform that is both a true cloud-based SaaS deployment or offered as an installed solution. 


eFiling allows the secure transmission of data, documents and regulatory and statistical reports between financial institutions and the local authorities. 



Pythagoras is a comprehensive compliance tool, used in the management of client information and risk profiling. It allows us to screen clients and partners in conjunction with World-Check, the leading provider of structured intelligence on known heightened-risk individuals and businesses.

Kulcs-soft (Hungary)

Specific to our Hungarian office is Kulcs-soft. An all-round accounting package, Centralis Hungary uses Kulcs-Soft for invoicing and payroll management. The software can be easily tailored based on client requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics (Switzerland)

Specific to our Swiss offices is Microsoft Dynamics, a comprehensive ERP used locally for accounting, payroll and time management. Microsoft Dynamics is the most commonly used management solution worldwide.