Digitisation is no longer an emerging trend, it’s a necessity to stay ahead

17 February 2023 Governance Risk & Compliance


Across all industries, digital transformation is offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation. The workplace is rapidly evolving, and businesses have to be prepared to adapt. In today's world, digital transformation technologies are used to operate every element of a business, from operations through to propostion development and management oversight and control. The digital transformation is changing business models, methods of production and supply chain management, meaning power is shifting from companies to consumers. Data is becoming increasingly important to be able to obtain key insights, to manage business processes and to highlight exceptions and outliers

Digitisation is revolutionising the alternatives sector

The financial services sector is also experiencing some transformational tailwinds not least in operational processing and forecasting functions which are benefitting from the current revolution in tech. The alternative investment arena is no exception, and we are currently witnessing seismic shifts in how transactions are managed, who records this information and what that information is used for to benefit the business going forward. The regulator is also focusing on this key area to help them supervise firms more effectively.

What next

Centralis GRC is leading the way with our own digital transformation, and has focused on three key areas to deliver benefit to the sector and their clients:

  1. Security
    1. Messaging and storage
  • Customer experience and accessibility
    • Client portal and app
    • Blend of digital and human capabilities
  • Improved processes and data management through automation and re-engineering
    • Significantly decrease manual processes and interventions
    • Create more “value add” time

We have developed front and back end solutions that enhance customer experience, mitigate risk, and improve quality of service. All market trends and analysis point towards a future where such digital enhancements are vital to growth and success, so we are proud to already be delivering digitaised services to our clients.

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